Friday, April 20, 2012

My Son's Snack Notes

My first note

A month or so ago I decided to add a little reminder in my son's a snack which I send to school with him. I wanted him to be pleasantly surprised and feel his mama's love every time he opens his lunch box. This idea came at a time when Jad was experiencing a tough time at school and needed some support and love to follow him from home. Other than the characters, I include some funny or inspirational quotes from his animated movies that he can read. I wanted him to remember, every time he saw the notes, that he is always loved the way he is and that all he needed to do was to try his best.

Rango from Rango

He loves the notes and is always excited to find out what character was on them the next day. When I have so much on my plate and am unable to draw one for him, he asks if he will get one the next morning.

Po from Kongfu Panda
I have to admit that not only do these notes put a smile on Jad's face but they are also improving my drawing skills. I research on Google images, which is why I am addicted to that site and cannot imagine a life without it, and then begin sketching. I still have to sketch the lines in pencil first as it is easier to erase many of the unruly lines. The best part is the coloring because it makes the drawing all that much nicer to look at.

Miguel from El Dorado

Puss In Boots
Nu3man from Iftah ya Simsim.... an Arabic show we used to watch when we were kids and now I put it on for my little two.
Oscar from A Shark's Tale
Abu from Aladdin

The Genie from Aladdin


jan said...

I love these Lana. Drawing skills aside(which are very good I must say), they make my heart leap with the love you show. What a wise and wonderful parent you are. Jad is a very lucky young man, no not lucky....he is recieving what all children deserve to recieve. I feel that he will be a wonderful wise and loving soul to take the earth forward in the future.
I love how you have made this encouragement so child friendly. Maybe you could write a parent support blog or book??
PS i wish i could put such notes in my son's lunch box now but he is 24. is that very sad? lol

Tabouleh said...

Aww thanks Jan... I so enjoyed and loved reading your comment... gave me a burst of confidence and relief at the same time.... I bet you are a great loving mother as well... you can still write notes for your son no matter how old her is... send him an email from time to time now... As for a blog or a book, I do not think I am that much of a good writer to do so but thanks for your vote of confidence.

Gilded Lily said...

How wonderful a mom you are. Such depth in connecting with your kids hearts and souls (and I'm sure almost everyone who crosses your path). Such an amazing idea. I'm going to email your post to my daughter Deklah. OC is just 2 years old, but he takes a lunch/snack bag to school every day. She could do funny little surprise drawings until he cn read.
I love this tradition. Don't you agree you've started a family tradition? Maybe get Jad an album so that he can save all of them They're priceless.
I have a special photo album with full pages under plastic that I started when my kids were small, with all the notes they wrote to me or left to me, cards they made . . . . . it's my treasure. Lana, you're amazing. xoxoxo

Tabouleh said...

Thank you sweet Paula... I needed to read your words today as I have been feeling like such a bad mother lately... a loser as a person as well... so thank you for your up lifting words... much love to you!