Saturday, March 10, 2012

Arts and Crafts


Upon request by Isa, my friend from The M Chart,  I will reveal some of the arts and crafts I made with my kids over the past few weeks.

My son is obsessed with dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes and knows their names. He knows them so well that he corrects my pronunciations of their complicated long names. And so when there was Book Week at school and they had an exhibition of books from a certain store, I made sure to look for books on dinosaurs and was thrilled to find one that explained how to make dinosaur drawings or miniature sculptures of some.

The first one my son, daughter and I tried out were of dinosaur eggs made from tissue paper covered chicken eggs and dinosaurs made from aluminum foil covered with tissue paper as well. The kids painted the tissue paper after the glue dried out and this was the result;

The second dinosaur project we made were of 3-D dinosaurs that can stand on their legs. I had to help my daughter draw the dinosaur she chose from the book and cut it out while my son created his own dinosaur. They each painted them and I helped cut out the semi circle legs for each one. Here is the result;

The last piece we made when my son's friend came over. They all had a blast blowing the orange lava watered paint around and them splash some black and orange dots by flicking the brush bristles. Below is my son's piece;

Well this is it for now... Hope you enjoyed the pics.

I bought another book with great stuff to make and will be tackling a few soon.


jyothisethu said...


all of them are cute and i can very well imagine how creative and happy the kids would be with these creations...

Tabouleh said...

You are so right Jyothi... they were so proud of their creations and had so much fun. Thanks for commenting and complimenting.

Jan said...

These look so much fun.

Isa said...

Wow! Marília loves dinos too! I have to try because she loves to paint (too much sometimes, to be honest)!
The standing ones are pretty cool, maybe we'll do them this week and then I'll show you.

Nice job, love it!

P.S.: Don't spend money on books if you can get them from the library or else search the web, there is lots of good resources... Save the trees! :)