Wednesday, March 28, 2012



After watching the video below I could not help but wonder when would the human race be accepting of all shapes and sizes? When will we see past the external and focus more on the internal qualities of a human being?

There is so much to pay attention to and size is definitely not one of them. We should not be helping to destroy their self-esteem and confidence as keeping a positive body image is crucial to their happiness and wellness. If we were concerned for them then their health and confidence are the only issues we should try and help them with. Those will in turn help them lead a happier healthier life. 

The society needs to break free from this prejudice that they have against fat people. Yes, they may live an unhealthy life but there are so many issues that these individuals are going through and we need to be extra understanding and compassionate towards them. They have so much to offer if we just listen and give them a chance to shine and prove themselves. This video below is the perfect example of how awesome many of these individuals are if they were given the opportunity.


Jan said...

I watched these young people doing their audition, after it was pointed out to me by another blogger. They are such beautiful souls. He has such a beautiful voice and the gentleness of his character shines through.
I cannot imagine what that young man has suffered because of the predjudice and judgemental attitudes that there exist about body size and image.
In the news today there is an article about low self esteem and the cost of this for girls in western society.
I would say that the same exists to an extent for boys - maybe the figures are not so dramatic.
Worthiness in our society seems to be linked closely to appearance. The good thing is that parents are now more aware and future generations will hopefully be more protected from these harmful beliefs about body shape, size etc.

Tabouleh said...

Aren't they just amazing... I loved the part whee Jonathan refused to let go of his friend.... he is loyal and just so lovely... I am hoping that all this will change, those feelings of insecurities will just disappear and those bullies would begin to realize that they could be at the other end of the insults at any time during their lives.