Wednesday, February 12, 2014

For My Children

I have been noticing a more positive change on my outlook on life lately. You will laugh when you read that it came straight after Jennifer Lawrence's recent Golden Globe win as well as the events of my last post. You might ask "Why Jennifer?"

Well.... (scratching my head for an honest, yet not too silly sounding answer as this might be.....)

Watching this wonderful actress interact with the people around her on Youtube and how natural and raw she is, made me think of the lessons I could learn from this young star. I could laugh at myself just as she does and try hard not to take everything so seriously, to heart or personally. I could start thinking of interesting ways to respond to situations that would normally make my eyes flair and get my blood circulating double time in my veins. I could laugh at the quirky thoughts that fall like rivers out of my mouth making it sound as if I meant them to be funny. Oh, the number of ways I could hide my insecurities, embarrassment and awkward feelings. I can be creative or just cheat and watch Jennifer instead and virtually cyber stalk her; watching every interview or acceptance speech in the hopes of learning a new comeback or joke. 

I am aware that I am unable to ALWAYS laugh as she does but at least I have the capacity to try. I made a pact with myself to take everything as lightly as she does and laugh with at least one person I meet a day; other than my children of course. Once a day is a good start and hopefully that number will go through an unruly process of mitosis. 

I promise to pair up one laugh a day with one kind gesture a day. The idea of a mother being a model for her children strikes my heart's chord and the more I read about it, the more that chord sings and the louder it becomes. Since my husband and I try to teach our kids three essential admirable attributes of any human being; strength, intelligence and kindness, I am determined to show my kids what kindness looks and feels like. I want them to see what one small act does for other people and how their whole face metamorphoses when they receive it. There is no use in me encouraging my children to be kind, telling them what they must do, when they do not see me modeling that act everyday.... And of course that kindness does not have to be only directed towards the human species but all kinds of species; from insects to plants. 

I know for sure that having one laugh a day and showing one kind act towards someone will have an equally favorable effect on me. I am positive that it will foster a happy feeling within me which will in turn push me to further confirm the importance of doing this; wanting to do it more often ....hey, this might be my self- actualization process. 

In other words, I am determined to be a good role model for my children and this will be an excellent incentive for me to change myself and help me become more mindful of everything I do.... every single day. 


katecol said...

I love this!! I think you are completely right lana, and i have recently realised just how great jennifer laurence! And from previous experience, i can say that you really dont need to question youself too much, you have constantly inspired me and i know i am not the only person :) lots and lots of love to all four of you from france xxxxx

Tabouleh said...

oh my sweet... thank you for your kind and beautiful words... they touched me deeply... I felt the love... thank you!

Birdie said...

My two teenagers love Jennifer Lawrence and like to send me information on her latest escapades. She is just so different that all the Hollywood stars. I am glad my kids are looking up to people like JL.