Monday, November 4, 2013

21 Days.... 5 in 1

For five days, I have not written but believe it or not I have not forgotten about the 21 Days of positive cleansing. Even though I have not written anything during those days, I thought of one or two positives before my eyes succumbed to the exhaustion of the day. 

I am placing all the positives of the fives days that I missed in one post so here it goes.

1. We have finally received our shipment from Thailand and despite the fact that my husband is unable to lend a hand at all, due to his back surgery four weeks ago, and I feel exhausted putting everything in its place, I am blessed that we finally have a home to think of. And even though we will be asked to move house again in 8 months time, we can make the best out of these days and enjoy the home that is slowly coming together. 

I was so grateful to the movers who helped open the boxes and and get rid of the rubbish. They were so efficient and so wonderful that I wrote an email to their boss thanking them for a job well done.

2. On Friday, the kids had a halloween even in our compound along with an adult BBQ. I knew that I would have so much to do as the next day was my son's 8th snake themed birthday. I had to prepare something for BBQing and a side dish and then my girl's costume, my husband made my son's, then I had to prepare cookies for the treats when they come trick or treating, then blow the balloons for the birthday and make the snacks, then decorate the snake cake... and and and... AAAHHHHH... but I was so thankful that I was able to have a plan B, pizza, when my original plan of baking sausages wrapped in snake like dough were burned. Thank goodness for take aways and the flexibility of children. It was great watching them devour every last morsel of crumbs. 

3. I received two beautiful emails from my mom and dad who showered me with words of assurance and encouragement. Their words enveloped me, squeezed me hard and refilled my depleting positive energy. Even though we are miles apart and I only want to feel their arms around me, their emails are something that I can keep and re-read many times when I need to replenish my spirits again.

4. I am thankful that I reconnected with many old friends on my blog as well as from my childhood school. I feel supported and loved by them. I am confident to say that distance and lack of physical proximity does not in any way diminish the feeling of friendship one builds through labyrinth of the net. 

5. Even though I have been receiving some strong emails from one family about their son and they seem like they are out to nail me on something. The positive side of this is that it makes me a better teacher. I am pushing myself to work harder to prove that I am actually a good teacher and that my priority is their son. Rapport and trust will take time but I am working hard to build that.


It was a manic and busy few days but I managed to get through it. My mother advised me to slowly unpack our life in Thailand one box at a time and this is what I am planning to do for the rest of my 21 days... I will take baby steps every day looking at the positive side of anything negative that comes my way. I want to be a positivity Jedi being a master of The Force, the master of one... Me. I cannot force people or life to be positive towards me but I can be the one changing what is being catapulted towards me.

AND....Even though negative thoughts keep clouding my mind, I am making it a point not to dwell on them. Yeah, negative things are spewed, sent and shared but I will not let it deter me from my 21 days.


Birdie said...

I am so glad your boxes arrived! And your mom is wise. Taking it slow is the way to do it.

jan said...

So glad to hear your belongings have arrived. One box at a time is good advice by your Mum, and yes baby steps through these 21 days of walking back to recovery. xx