Monday, October 15, 2012

Yet Again!

I have been away from blogging for sometimes and that's because of so many reasons. My son's birthday for one and another being a life changing decision that came up so unexpectedly. 

Jad's birthday went well and the guests seemed to have enjoyed themselves  We had a few activities planned for them from cocoon toilet paper races to sleeping bag caterpillar races. The last activity was the spider pinata. After watching my daughter refuse to hit the spider with a hockey stick it made me think what a terrible thing it was to beat a living things in real life. I wondered what she probably thought watching 7 year olds do so. It is a replica but still to her it meant something. 

I have now come to to the conclusion that even though making dinosaurs and spider pinatas is fun, the act of beating them to get candy is, in reality, violent. From now on, if the kids wanted me to make a pinata, then I will make a colorful geometric shape for them.... not even a flower or a tree would do. 

I enjoyed having Jad design the cake he wanted and bringing his vision to life as well as watching the kids have a marvelous time playing with each other. I needed to hear the laughter of children the weekend after we had made a life changing decision which entails us leaving Thailand after 4 years of working. 

I loved watching Jad laughing and having such a blast at his birthday party as it took my thoughts away from worrying about how this move might throw Jad into a whirlwind of emotional turmoil. I do not like change but I know I can manage. The emotions that Jad goes through when something like this happens is 100 time more intense and I cannot see him struggle to make sense of it all... struggle to make new friends again and struggle to control the tears. 

He has just made good friends at school and he is a much happier boy than he was last year. The thought of having to uproot him yet again is burning a hole through my soul and it pains me. However, I keep saying that if he has a loving supportive family, then he will be all right. He is in a much better place than so many children out there. So we are blessed to be together and have supportive friends and extended family. We will pull through Inshallah!


Sazan M. Mandalawi said...

where are you moving to????

Anywhere close to Kurdistan??? :) Wish you all the best for the move, and I am sure your decision is a wise one that has come after much thought and planning. All the best Lana

Tabouleh said...

Thank you sweet Sazan... it is with a heavy heart that I make this transition but it is a must I guess... I do not know where we will end up but we will be applying and Inshallah will find a good job that fits us all... thank you for your comment... wish it is closer to home and would love to visit your beautiful Kurdistan... Inshallah someday.