Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Iraqi Orphans


A few months ago, I watched a program, In My Mother’s Arms, about orphaned children in Iraq. The numbers of these children has increased dramatically due to the destabilization and erosion of the government caused by previous as well as current events.

The documentary struck a chord so deep that I just could not move on as if this happens a million times over around the world and pretend that I, one individual, cannot do anything to help. Watching those children battle with their own fears and loss, wondering what will happen to them next and still manage to be content with the little that they have, helped me to reflect on the abundance I am currently living in and yet I sigh because something or another is not working according to plan.It made me think of how greedy and so in- my- bubble I am sometimes and how those children and many others, would wish for a sliver of what I have.

I decided to write to Al Jazeera to find out how to send a few children a ray of hope and spread the word to friends and family who are just as eager to help lives as that man, Husham, who is responsible for those lucky boys in the documentary. I say lucky because there are thousands of other children who do not have such a chance of living safely in an orphanage.

I wrote to a few people and nearly lost hope when the lady who assisted in the making of the documentary, Isabelle Stead, wrote back on Monday and provided me with the email of Husham, as well as the site where one is be able to donate some money if they so wished. 

I have since written to Husham and he came across as a wonderful man who only wants to feel supported and help many other orphaned children around Iraq as a whole. 

I thought of sharing the site, as well as Husham's email, in case anyone was interested in helping out.

I would very much appreciate it if you would spread such a worthy cause to your friends and family as any bit of help will go a long way with these needy children whose only wish is to have a normal full life.

In addition, it would mean so much to Husham, I am sure, if he received a supportive warm email to thank him for the effort and time he has put in to save the Iraqi orphans. You can use Google to translate what you have written before sending it to Husham, or send me a copy for me to proofread and correct before you do... as sometimes Google translates stuff literally and it does not make sense.

Alternatively please feel free to email Husham directly:

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