Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Trying Something New Challenge

I have been so idle for a year. Exhaustion from work and trying to keep up with home and the kids has hindered my motivation to grow. I started projects with the kids and did not keep it up for the entire year such as cooking, fabric painting or arts and crafts. I began projects on my own but many times I would just sit like a couch potato and do nothing for the three hours I had for myself. 

I am used to being up on the go the whole time and therefore I did not quite understand myself or why I was so lazy. I know there is no harm in taking the time off and doing absolutely nothing when exhaustion hits, or to be exact falls on you like a ton of bricks, but looking back at the rate I was going? Gees it was slow... too slow for my liking.

So for a few weeks now, and ever since I tried my hand at Fondant (picture found in my previous post), I have been thinking of learning something new every week. This sugary fondant sparked my rusty fuses and has zapped me into gear... now am I enthusiastic because it is still the first few days of school and will I feel different in a few weeks time? I do not know... I will live a week at a time...

And therefore as a result of my current state of determination, I decided to learn how to make Sushi. It was much easier than I originally thought it would be and Youtube videos sure did help. Jad loves Sushi and I decided to prepare something 'funner' for his snacks this year.  I made a vegetable sushi with cucumbers and carrots (pictured above) and felt good about it. 

Let us see how long this enthusiasm will last. 

Is there anything you would love to learn to do but either haven't had time or the motivation? Please share as maybe we can encourage one another to try it. 


Birdie said...

Oh Lana, I remember when my kids were the same age and how TIRED I was every single day. It is so hard! As far as I am concerned, if you were able to get up and get a healthy meal or two into your family, get them into the tub a couple times a week, taught them a lesson or two and told them you loved them you are doing an amazing job. Being a mom is exhausting! When they get a little older you will start to get a bit of yourself back. Until then, nap when you can and practice self-care whenever you can. xo

Judy Croome | @judy_croome said...

I'm afraid nothing, but nothing, will get me to try Sushi!! Even if my motivation was at it's highest! I think you're very brave to try that!! My husband and nieces LOVE sushi, but still haven't managed to get a morsel past my lips!

The one new thing I'd love to do (don't ask me why, it's completely useless)is to learn to read and write Ancient Greek. Second choice (which is not quite so useless) would be to learn to speak isiZulu. But somehow I never find the time for it.

Sorry to hear that you're so exhausted, sometimes I think we just try to do much and do it all perfectly and just burn out! Hope you can find some quiet time to recharge and relax!

((((Hugs))) xox

Tabouleh said...

Sweet Barbara thank you for your assurance... I keep trying to pile things up just to keep my self sane something... I just feel lazy most times and then feel guilty... so I pile things up and try new things... but self-care is what I need and you are right. love to you!

oh Judy... you would be happy to know that these Sushi pieces are vegetarian... only with sesemi seeds, rice, carrots and cucumber... two days I go I made them with cooked steak... so you can fill them whatever you want...maybe that will get you to try them :) xxoo