Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Weekend Fun

My kids have shown so much interest in the activities that we do at home that it is motivating me to do a few day. I tried to put a limit of one a day but they keep asking for more, especially Jad, my eldest.

This week we made flowers out of cupcake holders (Thanks to Isa from The M Chart for introducing the idea). Jad, Mina and I will make a bunch of those for Wai Kru Day at school to give to the teacher and the class assistant.
 parachutes and tested its effects on toys... so one toy was dropped without a parachute (similar to the one that was attached to one... not the spider-man that's in the picture... just to make it as equal as possible) and the other had the security of one...The experiment worked as the one with the parachute was slowed down considerably and the one without broke on impact.

bouncing raisins ... there was vinegar and bicarbonate of soda in the water which fizzed and helped the raisins to bounce up and down.

 and a Special Eid Breakfast. The month of Ramadan, where we fast (no food or drink) from sunrise to sunset, ended on Sunday and the kids had a special breakfast of Za3tar (thyme), edemameh, tomatoes and cucumbers for breakfast before opening their presents. 

I must say, that setting a schedule of activities before hand definitely took the pressure off of thinking what to do to entertain the kids. Jad and Mina can look at the list of options and select what they want crossing them out when they had finished.

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