Sunday, May 27, 2012

I am leaving.... on a school trip! (sung to the music of "I am leaving on a jet plane!"
My dear readers,

I will be leaving on a school trip tomorrow evening which will take me away for around 5 days. It is a trip I was looking forward to a year ago when I found out that my new school will be sending me one. I was looking forward to having some time on my own, doing what I love to do best; hiking and exploring... being plain adventurous... seeing the world around me from a whole new light... feeling nature envelop me with its light arms. I missed it! The smell of it.... the feel of it... the excitement of it.

I am still looking forward to it but I will be missing what was the biggest part of the greatness of it all; my family, my husband and my children. My husband and I were camping, climbing and white water rafting together from an early start to our relationship. He used to hike, camp, cross country skii and mountain bike in Canada before he met me and I was hiking deserts and wadis, camping, climbing, abseiling and scuba diving before I met him.... we found each other and the rest is still happening.

Mina hasn't camped YET and Jad has been used to camping since he was a year old in the deserts of Jordan and the hills of Dana. So my husband and I are looking forward to this summer when we introduce both our kids to camping in the forests of Canada and Mina to the rose red sands of  Jordan's Wadi Rum.

So... I know that I will miss them dearly but I am looking at the positive side of this trip; finding myself again and then sharing me with my family. And on a slightly selfish note, it will provide me with an incentive to revisit my fit and energetic side.... a new outlook on life. 

So I will leave you with this my friends... it is something that I shared on my Facebook. 

It is not money or power that brings a man happiness, but the power of Love in all its shapes and glory; the love of patience, the love of sharing, the love of giving and forgiving, the love of compassion, the love of humbleness and modesty, the love of each other and family and the love of balance and moderation.


jan said...

Enjoy the trip Lana. I hear you about missing your family and wanting to share all you experience with them. However as you say it is time for you, just being in nature and revisiting that part of you that you don't see much of right now in your life.
Thank you for sharing those words - how true they are. I believe that more people are waking up to recognise this, than have done for a long time! Blessings to you. x

Tabouleh said...

Thanks Jan... Yes I am eager to start rediscovering myself...
I am praying for the world... I am praying that people will start to see the light soon...

Judy Croome | @judy_croome said...

Enjoy your trip, Lana! When you return you'll have your family waiting for you with all the love they stored up while you were gone!

And your final paragraph is so beautiful - and true! :)

Judy, South Africa

Elisa {with grace and eve} said...

Oh wow! Your trip sounds like it will be so nourishing! And those words on love are so powerful. Feeling inspired, thank you x