Monday, May 7, 2012

Riding the Wave

The past week has not been the easiest of weeks but I am totally surfing the rough wave. I guess one has to go through difficult phases in his or her everyday life to be able to enjoy and appreciate the days when everything goes smoothly. I believe that one does not go through life without a glitch or a bump in the road ever. How will we learn how to be strong and face those obstacles if everything is handed to us on a silver platter or is resolved for us? CUUUUUT.... HOLD ON a second.... Why not? Why can't we have everything go smoothly for the rest of our lives??? Why can't we have a magic wand that with a flick of a wrist would make everything fairytale fantastic? 

Why do I have to remind myself that I will always find a person or a situation that demands my patience and therefore have to let things go? Why do I have to remind myself over and over again to think and to hold back my tongue for fear of stirring up more trouble for myself and others? Why can't I say, "Stop shooting off your mouth and be a little more considerate and respectful to the person standing in front of you?" or "Stop your childish behavior and act as an adult!"?

I guess life is not a fairytale for anyone even for the rich and famous who can buy whatever they want. I must admit that I do not understand everything about life but one thing I know... it is not fair. I am born into a privileged family and have a roof over my head, a supportive family and healthy kids. 

Putting that into perspective, my struggles are minor superficial wounds that wouldn't leave any scares to cry about compared to the many out there who have absolutely nothing to cry about... at least I have a job that brings in the bread and support my family.The saying "That which does not kill you only makes you stronger" always rings in my ears whenever something unpleasant unexpectedly pops up, my professional reasoning is questioned and described as emotive, when I am faced with judgmental comments that imply something about me which are untrue or get into an argument with a friend. 

After I vent a little to those who support me,I have to let things go and accept that it is what it is. I just need to ride the wave as I am confident that it will soon hit the beach and flatten out.I just need to believe and take a deep breath. I need to repeat to myself that I am one of the lucky ones and to millions of unfortunate people out there, I am living a fairy tale.


janzi said...

It is jolly hard to bite your tongue and not say anything, or at least vent a little then try and move on past whatever is upsetting you... hard,but not impossible, and I love that expession, riding the wave until it flattens on the sea shore... great visual picture.. will keep that in mind the next time I want to explode... like this morning.. we have the church in the grounds of our house, as it used to be the house for the church. Today they are having a car boot sale.. I was going to join in and have a table at the gate, but my husband has refused to agree to it.. so bite the lip time andkeep schtum... ah well, husbands are good for so many other things, I will not let this ruin my day.. hard to tho!"!! have a great day despite it all... and ride the wave... hahaxx

Tabouleh said...

Hi Jeannine... You are right, biting the lip is hard but not impossible... if we'd like to avoid more trouble, then I find it is the only way... but to tell you honestly, I have learned the hard way... it took many years for me to realize that saying whatever is on my mind and being 100% honest with my feelings or opinions, got me more in trouble than I actually wanted to get into it. I just thought that being honest is the best policy... but it is not always the case... hahaha... sorry to hear about the car boot sale... it is so hard to accept a different opinion when you know it is going to be fun. I love you attitude!!!

Judy Croome | @judy_croome said...

Yup! Life isn't fair - my Mom taught me that from the time I was old enough to understand it. But she also said that living a happy life is a choice: it's easy to find things to groan about, but if we look hard enough we'll find lots to be grateful for in amongst the unfairness...that's what you've done while riding the rough wave of this week, and that's what'll get through a stronger person.

Judy, South Africa