Monday, May 14, 2012

Hunger for Justice

I didn’t want to use this blog to share political views and I will keep my promise. This post is not about politics as much as it is about justice and the need for humans to feel that they own and deserve it.   

Every living creature on this Earth of ours deserves to live. Animals have rights and there are organizations that work hard to build awareness and protect these beautiful beasts. Forests and their trees have the right not to be butchered but protected as they are considered to be the lungs of the earth. We (men, women and children) have the right to be treated as human beings and not as a population number which can be erased by the end bit of the pencil that logged in our birth. 

If we have rights, and we would do anything to keep a hold on and protect them, then how come we turn our backs when others have to fight for theirs? We all deserve to have the same rights as everyone else on this planet. Every living thing is connected in this web of life. If one delicate silky thread is severed, it would affect the whole net and it might fall apart forcing us to start all over again. The developed countries pride themselves on fighting for, developing and improving Human Rights across the world and yet one silky link has been ignored due to their regional significance. 

Why do we turn a blind eye to the biggest Hunger Strike in the history of mankind? This prisoners’ hunger strike is a non-violent protest that has been sweeping across the oppressed Palestinian population and which has barely made news even though it has been going on for more than 76 days. 

As we speak, there are more than 2000 Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike pleading for their rights and their freedom. They have been held on ‘suspicious’ charges and have not had a trial or seen the insides of a court. They are protesting extended solitary confinement actions, the ban on their families to visit them as well as the sanctions that prohibit studies in prison and the acquisition of any books and writing materials. They are joined in hunger by many Palestinian civilians who are taking action against humiliation, oppression and the lack of basic human rights. 

It is time the World stopped sheltering oppressors of ALL kind.

This is to remember the following freedom protesters and the thousands of others whose lives have been lost in the wind as dandelion seeds.

Bilal Thiab ... 76 Days
Thaer Halahleh ... 76 Days
Hassan Safadi ... 70 Days
Omar Abu Shallal ... 68 Days
Mohammedd Al-Taj ... 60 Days
Mahmoud Sarsak ... 54 Days
Faris Al-Natur ... 47 Days
Ja'far Ezz Al-Din ... 53 Days
Abdallah Al-Barghouthi 32 Days
more than 2000 prisoners .... 27 Days


Judy Croome | @judy_croome said...

A luta continua, as they said in the apartheid days. The struggle continues. Will RT this blog.

Judy, South Africa

Tabouleh said...

Thank you dear Judy... yes the struggle continues... glad it is a peaceful one... but so worried about them!

jan said...

Thank you for drawing attention to this Lana. There has been nothing in the news here about the hunger strike. Largely I find the issue of Palestine is ignored here. I have been keeping up to date through Twitter mainly and links posted there. x

Tabouleh said...

Thank you dear Jan... I do not expect the Palestinian issue to be in the news especially if they are using non violent means to protest for a just cause. Thank you for keeping up to date. Even though many have broken their fast there are a few still on going...