Monday, May 21, 2012

Positive Vibes

Have you ever woken up thinking that today will be a good day? Something inside tells you that you must take on an offer because it will prove to be a good decision and one which you will enjoy? Have you thought about all the obstacles that might be in the way of a good thing and were on the verge of losing interest or feel lazy about facing them?

Yesterday, was one of those days when I knew that everything will fall into place no matter how many obstacles or inconveniences I must go through in order to get to my destination.I was about to lose interest and did not want to go through the hassle of it all but something kept urging me to do it. Many times, I wanted to pick up the phone and apologize, but that tiny voice kept on going.

You see, my family and I were invited to some friends' house. Obstacle number one was that they lived down in the center of Bangkok on one of the busiest roads; a road we take every working day. This road takes us around 30 minutes to get to and with traffic an hour or more. Second obstacle was that my husband did not want to take that long trip with us and preferred to stay put. 

I knew this would be something that is good to do for the kids as they would have friends their own age and from their school to play with.I did not want to make the trip on my own though and neither did I want to take a taxi. I never traveled down town unless it was to school and now I would have to venture out and try and find their place without a navigator by my side and with two kids in the back.

So, to cement my decision, my daughter and I baked a cake. Now, I had no excuse. Now I HAD to go as there was no way I wanted to keep a cake in my fridge after eating an entire pan of brownies the night before.... Yes, you read that right... an ENTIRE pan! 

After we iced the cake, I realized that I had made a big mistake. I iced it before reaching my friends' house!!! How in the world will I drive all the way there with an iced cake? Let me elaborate here....EVERYTHING melts in the heat of Thailand. What was I to do? 

I decided to start the car up, five minutes before we headed out and put the aircon on to cool it. I then place the chocolate iced cake on the front seat facing 3 of the vents on it. The kids had blankets to keep them warm so it worked out ok.

After getting lost and taking a wrong turn into a tight alley which made it difficult to turn back, we made it to my friends' house. From that moment on, magic started to happen. My daughter who never liked wearing floaters and swimming on her own without clinging to me, ventured out on her own several times after watching the other two 3 year old girls do it. She was so excited to experience such freedom and I was so proud of her. At one point I said, "Mina, you are swimming sweetie!" When she replied, "I am not swimming Mama, I am floating!"

My son, had an awesome time with a new friend who goes to the same school and in the same grade but in a different section. They got along very well; swam and sat on the same sunbed together, laughed and were playing beautifully. Now, he has a new friend to get to know during snack and lunch time and it puts me at ease about him getting by socially.

My friend's daughter who did not like pizza and whose mom had cooked her some chicken with peas and rice, chose to try a pizza when she saw all the other children happily munching on theirs. She even had two pieces.

Everything fell into place and we really had an awesome afternoon. Positive energy and vibes were surrounding all of us and everyone just clicked. We left their warm house at a good hour and reached home just in time to put the kids to bed.

I am glad I took the decision to make that trip. It sure was worth it. I will be listening to my inner voice more often now. I bet she has much more wisdom to share with me.


Isa said...

How nice it is when we DO LISTEN, isn't it? I tend to always have second thoughts on my inner voice... I will try to change it, maybe I will be surprised like you:)


Birdie said...

One thing I have most definitely have learned in the last 15 years is to pay attention to that inner voice. She is very wise and cleaver. Sometimes my brain takes over and I think about things far too much.

Anonymous said...

Really happy for you, its rare that one gets to see things from this larger perspective...