Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Creativity with Condoms

A post I could not resist writing about and sharing pictures of. Yup... you read the name of the restaurant correct. I had visited this restaurant on Soi 12 in Bangkok with a good friend two years ago and last night I decided to take my girl friend from Jordan for a few giggles and some good food as well. I had not told her what to expect when I shared the name of the restaurant with her. She kind of figured out that cabbages meant food but was puzzled about the second name.

A statue dressed in condoms greeted us and then after that... colorful condoms were everywhere. It did not matter which way we turned, we saw ornaments made of condoms; light fixtures, notice boards, and table tops. 

The statue at the entrance.
Light fixture

Notice board
 The gift shop at the entrance of the restaurant had everything from notebooks, to mugs and t-shirts with quirky pictures and statements on them such as," Our food is guaranteed not to cause pregnancy" and another with the Olympic five rings in condoms and "United colors of condoms" written beneath it. It helped to make the topic of safe sex and condoms seem so natural for a woman who is somewhat prudish and who was brought up in a culture that put sex in the taboo section of Life.

Table top

Light fixture
It was a fun night and we certainly had a a few giggles when they placed a small condom packet in front of each of us as a souvenir at the end of our meal.

Now... Why, you may ask, are there condoms everywhere? Why base a restaurant on something so ' private' as that? Well... it is to build awareness of safe sex, pregnancy and AIDS. You see, all proceeds from this restaurant and gift shop go to the Population & Community Development Association (PDA) program in Thailand which is a sex education/AIDS prevention organization. 


kel bookbird said...

this is completely awesome!!

jan said...

Crazy idea. The craziest ideas are often the best - I guess this place raises lots of money! Fabulous.

Isa said...

I love the idea! Ahahaha! And they were good with the decorations, uh!


Tabouleh said...

Isn't it just? They are so creative... and yes it raises money... I was told that they even have a resort in pattaya... a famous place in Thailand... i've never been but they say its wild.