Thursday, December 15, 2011

An Invented People


I feel sad for individuals whose knowledge of the world is limited, who come out and make drastic comments about another people. How can one deny the existence of a culture with history, traditions and values? How can one deny people and their rights to exist to satisfy a few groups to get further in elections? It is all about greed and ignorance. Nothing is thought out, no feelings involved, just plane outright cold and inhumane. I feel sad for such people as their hearts are so small and so full of hatred. It is a shame that such people exist in the world but then again it is such people that help us appreciate the people on the other end of the continuum. 

Have a read if you wish of what this man has said just recently and then enjoy some pictures of the people he thinks were invented but in reality have existed for hundreds if not thousands of years. You cannot INVENT people... How can one invent a people? Just the fact that they live on this Earth means they exist... One cannot erase them or any other... disregard or think they are just a figment of millions of peoples' imagination.

Here are the pictures that say a thousand words.

Any thoughts?


ms. devi said...

This man is genetically connected to the basest evil that exists - I've just realized that is the explanation for people who think like him. It's like they are a differt species. So dangereous it scares me to death.

Fact: Palestine joined the Islamic Empire in
636 CE. Anyone born in Palestine, on any day, in any year is a Palestinian. An entire People with their own difficult history that has yet to be resolved or humanely acknowledged with an ethical solution.

God, these people make me sick. Like people saying the Holocaust never happened. Speaking out that the Palestinians are an invented people is evil and can bring no benefit to our problems. It's sick and insulting. Does he think that saying that makes him a friend of Israel, gets him the Jewish vote? And he is God help us, is running for president of this already racist country. There is so much evil - sometimes, too often these days I lose my belief that good can win out.

Tabouleh said...

How do you LOVE a person's comment... I wish that blogs have such a think as in Facebook ;) Honestly my dear Paula... there isn't much I can add to that... thank you!

Cloudia said...

Wish that both peoples could rest safe with their families under their own vine!

Aloha from Honolulu
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Tabouleh said...

Thank you for visiting Cloudia... I wish the same as well...
Have a great day!
Salam x

ms. devi said...

You know, Lana, I read your post and commented and then I saw that short film clip and it just set me off and I wrote that post. There is so much depravity around us. How, what, if anything can we do to change it, balance it out? I don't know and the older I get the less I understand why things are the way they are - to what purpose dear God - to what purpose. Wounds that always festers and is never allowed to heal. My first reaction is frustrated anger but than it is replaced by the truest feeling - such an overwhelming sadness. And the feelings never diminish. I can never get used to them and say "well, that is the way of the world".

Tabouleh said...

Sweet Paula... I guess the only way to balance it out is to be knowledgeable ourselves and spread love and understanding around us hoping that it would be contagious. I, like you, find it very hard to fathom these behaviors or feelings of others. I, like you, do not accept it and it is very hard for me to overcome the feeling of despair and utter hopelessness of it all... but then I have to work hard to change my outlook on the world by trying to find light somewhere else... like I found it with you... if there are people like you in the world, no matter how few they are, then there is hope.

ms. devi said...

You are right Lana. There are many people like us in the world and we each do what we can.
The hardest part for me, and I believe for you too, is not the anger and frustration at such damaging people and governments but the utter helplessness when we know there are so many who suffer, miss having proper lives with dignity and joy and also die - for no reason other than . . . you know, I don't even know what to call it any more - it is so much deeper than ignorance and hate.

ms. devi said...

I wanted a separate post to say how wonderful your header is now - what a magic picture.