Friday, September 14, 2012


I am outraged at the slander and the over-reaction to it. I cannot imagine how people can be so hateful and write or direct something so disgusting. I am outraged by the reactions and killings that it triggered. 

When are people going to wake up and see that we are ALL HUMAN... that if we slander, spread lies, disrespect others, kill and go absolutely nuts, that the world will never move forward.... that there will be a rift (not that there isn't one right now!) between the East and the West which will continue to grow until something massive will come out of it that will annihilate everyone.

It's madness, I tell ya... madness... just live and let live people.... allow people to believe what they want and respect everyone and every religion. Stop pointing fingers claiming that you are right while the others are ALL wrong. Stop going on a killing spree and murdering innocent people. Stop name calling... stop stop STOP! 

I honestly think that there is no way out of this craziness if we do not control ourselves by ourselves AND stop people and media from brainwashing us into doing crazy things. It will only stop if we just stand in front of someone, look them in the eyes, smile, without asking him/her where they came from or what they believed in ... simply have a friendly chat about the weather, our dreams, our work, the love for our children and family, our hobbies and the like.

It is exhausting watching the news!

OK... I have almost got it out of my system... 


Birdie said...

I can no longer watch the news because is strips me of any hope. When we lose hope we lose the ability to bring about change. xo

janzi said...

yOU ARE SO RIGHT but it is because there are no checks on what is being put on the web, and anyone can say anything about anybody with no fear of censorship... in this case, I think that YOU Tube should have shut down the site so that it would not be broadcast all over the world, but this is censorship and we have done away with this in the name of Free Speech--- hmmm, well there should be SOme fencing off on what is acceptable behaviour.. its all too easy to stir these bigots up... jokes are made about all the other religions, but no one goes to kill people about it.. I am afraid that in the East, one is dealing with the medieval mind, and with modern warfare this is a terrible place to be... there are no solutions from the outside, they have to find them themselves.. I do not believe that any soldiers should be in other people's lands even by invitation to help them get the government established, ..The people have been persuaded that the country has been invaded by the americans and others.. I fear for our future if we keep interfering in other lands.. all we can do is pray and hope that one day they will understand that we are not interfering, but trying to help them... unfortunately too, the West does not have all the answers and we have a lot that could be changed too... this is why this ghastly film has been allowed to run freely over the web... we must really do more about policing our own actions first too.. stopping here, as I am ranting too much- I know that you have far more knowledge of the lands out there, but with all the best intentions, soldiers being there is a real source of unrest for the rest of the population..which is carefully stirred up by a few who are jostling for power.. j

Isa said...

I have no idea what you are talking about because I don't watch the news. So my advise to you is: stop watching tv.

It is one of the best things I have done for myself. I am too stressed to bare the news at dinner time. Everyday stress is enough for me!


jan said...

Totally with you in your despair and sadness. I wish we could stop the madness too. So many times I lose hope and then I remember the many people working for change and this brings some hope back. The news never rarely shows the good or what we ordinary people can do to organise and bring about change. Love to you . Hold on. xx

nice said...

Sometimes the way that the protest is done gives the offender the publicity that he seeks.